How connecting with nature helps in better mental health

The busy lifestyle of today has left almost every individual experiencing stress and anxiety. The long working hours, the tough competition, a need to excel in all the spheres of life, has left us feeling stressed and depressed most of the times.

To help people obtain excellent mental health, various nature retreats like Sukoon Retreat and spa are coming up with a perfect opportunity to connect with the environment.

If you are wondering how connecting with nature promotes our wellbeing, then here is the answer. Researchers have proved that our environment can increase or reduce our stress levels which in turn affects our body.

What we see, hear, and experience not only affects our mood, but also has an impact on our nervous, endocrine, and immune system’s working.

An unpleasant environment leaves us feeling anxious, sad, or depressed, which in turn elevates our blood pressure, heart rate and also muscle tension while denting our immune system.

Nature comes to rescue when we are facing lousy mood, extreme stress, and sadness, and this is the reason people are shifting towards nature retreats like the Sukoon Retreat and spa for a peaceful vacation.44

How nature promotes better mental health?

  • Nature’s scenic beauty reduces anger, fear, sadness, stress and promotes pleasant feelings. Exposure to nature helps in physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing and might reduce mortality as well.
  • Nature helps us cope up with pain. Humans are genetically absorbed by natural scenes which distract us from our pain and discomfort, leaving behind a sense of calm.
  • Spending time in nature helps in improving our mood and instantly shifts it from depressed, anxious state to that of calm and balance.
  • Time spent amid nature helps us in connecting with ourselves and with the larger world. People who spend more time in nature are helping, kind, and supportive of each other.
  • Connecting with nature helps in improving attention, promotes positive thinking, builds resilience, and uplifts our mood.

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