All of us are living a crazy life day in and day out rushing to meet the deadlines, trying to achieve our dreams, making time for family commitments, and also making time for those intense workout sessions. While we are taking every possible measure to stay fight, we forget to pay attention to our sleep and overall wellness. To feel full of life we consciously take out 15-minutes for guided meditation, so that not only our body but also our soul feels healthy.the best of the monsoons with July and mentioned below are a few reasons why July is the best month for travelling.

However, things have started taking a drastic change in current times. From running towards a pumped up vacation, explorers are seeking opportunities to move to a wellness retreat, an abode amidst nature, to find peace and tranquility.

Why choose an abode amid nature for your next wellness retreat?

Being close to nature has always provided the calm and peace we all looking for throughout our lives. The lush green forests, the smell of mud, all these are absorbed well by our minds and instantly distract us from stress, pain, and depression.

Being close to nature helps in improving our mental health, along with having a positive impact on the physical body. Spending time at an abode amidst nature like at Sukoon Retreat and spa helps in relaxing our mind, which in turn promotes effective decision making, enhances creativity and de-stresses our mind, body and soul all at the same time.

It gives you an opportunity to explore the values of nature which are not visible and can only be experienced.

How to choose the perfect abode amidst nature for yourself?

Here are some basic tips you can follow in choosing the best abode amidst nature for your next vacation:

● Pay extreme importance to the location of the retreat you are planning to book.

● Pay attention to the type of retreat you are looking for. Is it a weekend or a weeklong retreat?

● Find out what style of retreat you are looking for. Are you looking for a health retreat, a yoga and meditation retreat, or a spiritual retreat?

● The best time to visit the retreat and the budget you can spend. Decide whether you are looking for an economical retreat or a luxury retreat.

● Decide in advance whom would accompany you on the retreat, whether you want to go alone or with family and friends.

● What all activities do the retreat has to offer. See if they can connect guests of all age groups from young kids to adults.

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